YÉBÒRÉ, Please do NOT settle!!!


So it didn’t happen for you last year. Things did not go well as planned. You thought you would be married by Christmas, engaged to a charming God sent, or at least be in a committed relationship with a marriage goal. But here you are sweet Yebore, boolessly single.

Your best friend Kate met Simon who recently came home for the holiday and they got married after just 3months of meeting. 3months Yebore! Now she’s in Germany with her husband, enjoying a good and comfortable life, you see the cute family photos she shares everyday on Instagram, all loved up with her husband in the snow, word going around is that she might even be pregnant already, so soon, you see all the tweets, and you wish it was you, comparing your starting point to another man’s finish line. Arh Yebore! just look at you.

Kate that could not compete with you in high school when it comes to catching the eye of the good classy men. But there she is, and here you are feeling sorry and disappointed in yourself. You couldn’t even nailed down a good man last year. Tunde who looked promising could not stay with you. The brother just walked out on you and all the many sacrifices you made for him.

“I need a break to think and understand myself” was all he said before quitting, like he didn’t understanding himself before he came to ask you out.

Clement too could not stay. He couldn’t deal with being a man and being a mummy’s boy. Always used to listen to everything his mother tells him to do, and you couldn’t handle all that sugar boy attitude from a man, so you left him.

Then Dayo came along, with all the fine qualities you have dreamt of in a man; tall, dark, body built so fine, but he lacked character. Dayo gets angry at the slightest provocation and break things in anger. Well, because he is damn fine you thought maybe if you stick around a while you could change him. Now you have that scar from that night, that night he hit you so hard that you fell on your face. What a beast of a fine man. You left him too, after a lot of motivational sermons from your close friends who want the best for you.

Oh Yebore!!!

How did your best friend kate do it? How did she get so lucky with that guy? How come she succeeded once where you have tried and failed a thousand times?

Could it be that you have been foolish all along? Could it be that you have been walking away when you should have stayed with those undeserving men?

Maybe you should have begged Tunde to stay when he said he wanted a break. Maybe you should have agreed to have sex with him to buy his love. Now you would have been competing with Kate for the best Instagram bridal photo award of the year.

Maybe you should have stayed with Clement the sugar boy. You should have endured getting your opinions flushed down the toilet like a bag of hot poo. You should have endured letting his mother make decisions for your own home and maybe cook for his son in your own kitchen. By now you would have been a bride.

Maybe you should have stayed with Dayo the handsome beast and endured the pain. You should have settled for some nights of Wrestlemania. By now you would have been receiving your own beatings in Germany with your best friend Kate.

So this year you have sealed your heart, you are tired of playing the virtuous woman with no fruits and you don’t care anymore, you just want to be married. Your perfect wedding fantasies does not matter to you anymore, the image of God’s ideal man is a cliché to you, now you just want any man to come around and propose as long as he is breathing. You just want to be a bride Yebore.

You screamed your lungs out at the last cross over Church service shouting “i receive! I receive!! I receive!!!” So any man that comes your way this year has to be the prophesy your pastor was sharing to everyone. You have made up your mind not to check for any warning signs or ask God’s approval, you just want to be married.


Please do not settle.


Last year when the pastor prophesied that 2017 is your year he was right. Yes he was. 2017 was your year of eacaping a failed marriage by settling down with those wrong men that came your way. 2017 was your year of gaining marital wisdom from those sad experiences you overcomed. You just did not understand the prophecy.


Hurry not and worry not. God has better plans for you. God’s blessings has no comma, no full stops and no exclamation marks. He maketh rich relationships and marriages and He adds no sorrows.

Keep waiting on God Yebore. wait on God.

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