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Dear Singles…

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I guess you’re wondering, **WHO IS SHE?**




My name is Sandra, author of @dearsingles.

I’m a traveller, adventurer, curiosity seeker, life long learner, change agent and I generally want to make the world a better place.

Sandra is a zealous blogger born in the early 1990s. I consider myself a citizen of the world as I believe there’s only one race – **THE HUMAN RACE**❤

I’m a chronic day dreamer, *LOL*… collector of heels I never wear and hey! I’m a chef too, but my passion lies with writing/blogging😊

I have been blogging professionally since 2015. Through my experience on the Internet, I’ve learnt so much that when I write/blog, I always try to be unique and push boundaries.

***So, now, you know a little about me…***


# CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT @dearsingles now?😜

@dearsingles is an inbound CATEGORY on that covers the topics of dating, love,  dating tips, Godly dating, sex and a whole lot more about relationships.

This segment of the blog provides insight on today’s ever growing dating culture with posts regarding the latest findings.

The idea is to help singles around the world to consciously create a beautiful and happy dating life by providing useful blog posts.

You will find a recollection of thoughts and opinions regarding subjects and issues that are of interest to US ALL.

@dearsingles promises to be fun, informative, interactive, life changing, as well as spark up you dating life! So, Dear singles all over the globe, get ready as we explore the dating world together.


PLEASE, read, enjoy and share every posts found on @dearsingles.

Also, feel free to send me any feedback, comment, or suggestions about the blog.

>I look forward to reading your emails especially on the days I am swamped with work.

Alternatively, if you have something you would love to see on @dearsingles, such as an idea for a video or a topic for a blog post, just let me know!

Have an interesting article you’d like to share with the world?

Just send me an email. Again, you feedback is ALWAYS welcomed and appreciated.

Finally, I am truly grateful for your visit. Thanks for taking out time to read. I look forward to a beautiful and healthy friendship FOREVER and I hope you have a memorable moment every time you visit.


Please come by again and say HI!


Hope to hear from you soon… kiss kiss💋

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