When I get married I intend to…

So I had been thinking of what I would bring to a marriage when God blesses me with it and I ran into an article that seem just like my exact thought…. WHEN I get MARRIED I intend to bring value, purpose, purity, favour and lots of money to my HUSBAND, in his life and in his home. No, I’m not perfect and no, I don’t always get it right. I mess up!!! But even in error I KNOW I can do BETTER. I am committed to my growth as a woman. So many women are lonely praying and crying out for a HUSBAND. But sister, what are you doing to improve yourself? What are you doing as a wife in waiting? Is your character ready to be led? What value will you bring to the table? What gifts are you developing to enable you to be a better HELP-MEET? You can’t be sitting around waiting to be swept off your feet, you are not broken!!! Live your life. Enjoy it. Be happy. Grow. Be a valuable woman. It must be a privilege for a MAN to be with you NOT an opportunity. BE EXTRAORDINARY.

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