What do I do when a man calls me baby and says I love you and I’ve just met him?

You did the right thing by backing him off when it comes to “terms of endearment” from a person that doesn’t know you and you don’t know them. That is the sign of someone trying to “rush” something and when someone is trying to rush things they’re often desperate or desperate for “something” or to get “something”. It’s can also be a sign that they don’t take you seriously and feel they can get over on you by the things that come out of their mouth when their heart is so far away from the things that come out of their mouth. Here’s a Sandra Duru dating tip:

“Treat every man like they’re Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy) from the movie “Boomerang” until they prove otherwise. When they make a lot of promises or say a lot of things in terms of their feelings for you, “within yourself” say “yeah right bruh” until they back up what they say. When you’re first getting to know someone, “take mental notes”. Don’t let them know you’re “checking them out” for inconsistencies, eventually they will either back up what they say or prove what they say or you will find out they’re all about games.

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