Waiting on a man is not who you are

Why are you sitting on the side of the road waiting for a man to get your life going again? You’ve become just like this U-Haul Pull Behind Trailer.

What happened to you? God made you better than this. God made you to be mobile on your own, independent, God gave you your own engine, you should never have to wait helplessly for a man to hook on to in order to go somewhere in life. Because you’re waiting on a man to be happy and to help you find your identity, this picture is exactly where you’re at right now.


Think about it, this is so deep!!! This is not who God made you to be. You’ll hook up with a man, he’ll load all of his baggage on you and weigh you down, take you a few miles down the road and leave you on the side of the road, then the next man comes and does the same thing.

This is becoming a pattern with you. Why do you allow men to treat you this way? God did not create you for this. God created you with your own engine (soul), your own thoughts, your own life.

If you don’t fix before you meet another man he will use this to his advantage and you’ll only end up transporting his baggage when he hooks on to you.

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