”Season Of Me”

You’re in a different place in your life right now, you’re not really interested in having a man in your life at this time. You’re not against it, but you value this particular season in your life.

I actually commend you because you have arrived at a place where you don’t need someone right now to be happy and fulfilled. So, if this is where you are right now I suggest coming up with a line or two that you can quickly say and keep on steppin’.

Let them know “this is my season of me”. This means you’re taking this time to just “do you”, to discover “you”, to be “you”. Let them know that you appreciate their interest but that is not where you are right now, and do it with a smile.

To all women who are in this place, my prayers are with you for a greater peace and fulfillment during this “me” season in your life.

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