“Scared of being hurt”

You want to be in a new relationship but you’re scared of being hurt, i don’t blame you. When you enter into any relationship whether it be a friendship or romantic one, you’re taking risk. You can’t vouch for another person, you don’t know what another person is going to do from day to day. But finding real love is often worth taking the risk. One thing that might help you is to not have “expectations” when getting to know someone. Be like Simon Cowell as he judges those talent contests. When they walk on the stage he’s not really expecting much (BECAUSE HE’S SEEN SO MANY BAD ACTS IN THE PAST) and later when the person has “PROVED” to have real talent, he is pleasantly surprised. Put out your Simon Cowell spirit until they PROVE they’ve GOT TALENT which is the ability to love you and the ability to be in a committed relationship, if not, hit the X button.

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