“My Wake Up Call”

My alarm clock started to buzz early this morning and i reached over to attempt to hit the snooze button like i always do, but for some reason this time it didn’t work when i hit the snooze, it kept on buzzing. I really needed the noise to stop so i started touching, feeling, and pressing every button on the clock in an attempt for the noise to stop. It was to no avail, it still kept buzzing. I was desperate now, i flipped it, i shook it, i turned it upside down, and it still kept making noise. (more…)


Sometimes It’s Not About What You Currently Don’t See

Keep working, keep moving with the things you believe God has placed on your heart to do. There will be times when you might not see an immediate change. Don’t let what you don’t see discourage you or keep you from pressing forward. You have to take in account that God is working behind the scenes on your behalf based upon YOUR FAITH to keep working even though you can’t see the immediate results. The manifestations of your work will be seen in God’s time, not our time. (more…)


Letting Go Of Dead Things

After the ship sank, Jack found debris for Rose to get out of the frigid, arctic waters. He tried to get on it as well and discovered that only one person could stay afloat on it. Eventually, Rose discovered that Jack died due to hypothermia, but he remained attached to the floating debris. Nearby lifeboats came back looking for survivors, Rose knew in order to save her life she would have to set herself free from the lifeless Jack. (more…)


The Prescription

When you emotionally attach yourself to someone in terms of trying to have a relationship with a person who is currently hurting from a past relationship you are “pain medication” to them. Pain medication is one of the pharmaceuticals there is. People will pay anything for a prescription to keep them from being in pain and ultimately you will probably end up being used and discarded when the prescription bottle is empty and they can no longer get a prescription refill out of you. (more…)


The Kardashian-Jenner Sisters Are Back For Another Calvin Klein Campaign

The sisters are back again as the faces of another Calvin Klein campaign, revealed on Wednesday morning, for the brand’s recently revamped underwear and jeans line. The new imagery, photographed by Willy Vanderperre, follows up the family’s #MyCalvins modeling debut in January.

Like the previous campaign, which featured an expectant Kylie, Khloé was pregnant during this photo shoot, which took place back in March.

See the entire Calvin Klein campaign featuring the Kardashian-Jenner sisters below. (more…)


My Road…

The road I must travel is my road. My road is not your road for each of our individual roads will vary in length, width, length, and size according to our unique destination ordained by God. Our roads will be filled with various twists (more…)


Sunken Treasure

They only call late at night; they’re not interested in doing anything meaningful with you during the day. You tell folks you have a man, and you say he’s such a treasure, but (more…)