Hooking up with someone when they’re still hurt from a past relationship

When a person is hurt and they gravitate to you in terms of having a relationship, please understand that this is not the time to connect with them in that way, not right now. During this time they can mean well in terms of wanting to be with you, but right now if they are still emotionally connected with someone else due to a recently divorce or breakup, they don’t really know what they want, no matter what comes (more…)


Dear Brothers, you deserve clarity too!

You should not be pursuing a woman for more than three months and the goal of the relationship is still unclear or worse, her feelings about you remain vague. These women want emotional company NOT a godly covering. Remember bro. your heart deserves to be honored, respected, and valued too. Stop chasing after women who never intend to being caught. (more…)


Prepare for the extra

You owe it to yourself to prepare your heart and mind for new love. It’s time to walk into your new season. I know what you’re going to say. How can i walk when i’ve been broken? How can i love again when i’ve been hurt? Hurt is not the end, it’s the beginning of the healing process. Let’s look at it this way; when a broken bone remodels, it creates a “little extra” at the break point. This process is similar to (more…)


Sometimes it’s not about what you currently don’t see

Keep working, keep moving with the things you believe God has placed on your heart to do. There will be times when you might not see an immediate change. Don’t let what YOU don’t see discourage you or keep you from pressing forward. You have to take in account that God is working BEHIND the scenes on your behalf based upon YOUR FAITH to keep working even though you can’t see the immediate results. (more…)


They no longer want you!

This is devastating revelation to accept and deal with it. Rejection hurts beyond words and there’s nothing you can do about it in terms of changing their mind and believe me, you don’t want to try to change their mind. You might be able to “delay” them leaving by submitting to being their personal clown, but your tears of pain during this process will only smear the makeup off your face. (more…)


Beware of the “overuse” and “abuse” of THE SILENT TREATMENT in ANY relationship

People often use it as a method of CONTROL. It’s a very deceitful and manipulative tactic. How it works is the person knows how much you love them, they know that love often puts us in a place of vulnerability concerning them. They know that you almost can’t function at work, church or any other place when your relationship is not in tact. So they totally cut off communication to “TRAIN” you so (more…)


Embrace Space

Space sometimes will give you the much needed perspective you so desperately need concerning this person in your life. Is this relationship real? Is it one i can count on? Is there true friendship and love here? Whatever the case may be, whatever you find out during this much needed space, embrace the space so you can be claritin clear. (more…)


Life can be one verse at a time

When reading, studying, or teaching the Bible, we must keep in mind that His ways are so much higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9) and ONE verse that you’ve read over 100 times can set you free TODAY by a revelation that you’ve never seen previously before. I’m saying all of this to say that this is not a contest by reading the Bible in volume. It’s best to know ALL of a little, than NONE of a lot. Many of us (more…)


A reason to live

Have you ever felt like you no longer wanted to live because you were in so much pain? I’m not talking about necessarily killing yourself but just wanting life as you currently know it to be over? This message is for YOU. (more…)


Life saving surgery

You’re seriously thinking about breaking up with them, but you’re not looking forward to deal with all the pains afterwards. It’s like saying yes to a life saving surgery knowing you have to go through 6months to a year of painful therapy as part of the recovery process. Saying yes to the life saving surgery is a no brainer, you have the easy part. You sign the forms and lay unconscious on the operating table while the doctors do all of the work. (more…)


“No! you can’t play outside right now”

Many of you wonder why you’re not in a relationship right now or wonder why many people are not approaching you or begging for your attention. The reality is you’re probably hidden inside under the shadow of the Almighty for a season. Many times when our parents wouldn’t let us play outside it was for a reason. At times we thought it was one of the meanest things they could do to us. (more…)


You’re not done yet!

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. You have to be truthful with yourself in order to really be free. The fact that you partially opened the door means you want them to know you’re upset with them but in your spirit you’re not done yet. When you’re truly done there would be nothing else to talk about and the door would be permanently closed for “drop-byes”. (more…)


Seeing over the fence

Looking back in retrospect, there were so many things you couldn’t see in your past relationship. You spent years oblivious to what was going on right in front of you. That brings me thoughts of when i was young and being in my backyard that had a fence. I couldn’t see over the fence because i wasn’t tall enough but as the years went by and i “grew”, the day came that i was able to see things that were right in front of me all of the time but could not see them. (more…)


“You’ll never find a Love like mine”

I was just reflecting on the words to the Lou Rawls anthem, “You’ll never find a love like mine”. While i absolutely love this song, i started to reflect to the lyrics. The song’s meaning fits well when you’ve given the best love ever to someone who just doesn’t appreciate it. However, on the other side of the coin there are those who think they’re so on point when in all actuality their tired love is a hot mess. (more…)


‘The Facts Of Life’ Star Charlotte Rae dies at 92

Charlotte Rae, who starred as Mrs. Garrett in ‘The Facts Of Life’ has sadly died at the age of 92, a rep confirmed on Aug. 5. The actress, who is best known for her role as the beloved Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Lifepassed away in her Los Angeles home. Her cause of death has not been confirmed, but in 2017, she did reveal that she was suffering from pancreatic and bone cancer. When she announced her diagnosis, she admitted that she was first diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer seven years earlier, but was able to go into remission after chemotherapy treatments without the public knowing. (more…)


Demi Lovato Thanks Her Fans & Opens Up About Addiction In 1st Message Since Overdose

Demi Lovato, 25, just broke her silence for the first time since she was hospitalized on July 24 following an overdose. The singer shared a heartfelt message on Instagram thanking fans for their support and promising that she ‘will keep fighting.’ Lovato wrote; “I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction. What I’ve learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time. It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet.” (more…)


What a driverless future means for auto insurance

The American public is skeptical about giving up control of their cars’ steering wheels. Despite the enthusiasm with which autonomous vehicles (AV) are being developed by auto manufacturers and technology companies, recent polls, including this one, showed that few drivers are interested in giving up control of their cars despite the potential safety and time-saving benefits.

And although there’s a long way to go (about 25 to 30 years) before the AV future takes hold, it’s not too early for auto insurers to think about how self-driving cars will affect them. (more…)


Abstaining from sex until marriage doesn’t guarantee you a Ring.

Ladies, here’s the hard truth but all single women need to hear this because there are millions of women around the world that’s still single in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond. I want to encourage you all… Many are becoming sad, depressed and discouraged because they are not married yet and their “time clock” is ticking. Some of you are questioning your decision to abstain from s*x because men still are not choosing you.  (more…)