“One more time”

Y’all not hearing me! When you meet someone, sex needs to be the last thing on the list. It will not help you when “trying” to build a relationship. It will not help you in “trying’ to access if this person is sane. Why sleep and gratify a stranger and send them on their way and risk getting something you can’t get rid of? Why deal with the rejection “after” you’ve given them “everything” you could give a person, that’s reserved for marriage? Why would you continue to nod your head at my posts, saying that they’re good but when a person approaches you, everything you’ve been taught goes out the window and you immediately jump right in the bed?

One more time for clarity, your way is jacked up, your way doesn’t work, often how you start is how you’re going to end up… Alone!(if you continue on this path).

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