“My Wake Up Call”

My alarm clock started to buzz early this morning and i reached over to attempt to hit the snooze button like i always do, but for some reason this time it didn’t work when i hit the snooze, it kept on buzzing. I really needed the noise to stop so i started touching, feeling, and pressing every button on the clock in an attempt for the noise to stop. It was to no avail, it still kept buzzing. I was desperate now, i flipped it, i shook it, i turned it upside down, and it still kept making noise. Then i unplugged the clock and the noise kept on only to discover that it was the alarm on my phone.

So often we take our frustration out on the wrong things or the wrong people because we just want the pain or the things that’s causing us discomfort to stop. Be careful who you beat up in the process, sometimes we take out our frustrations on the closest people to us and sometimes they’re not the ones making the noise in our lives.

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