Learn how to wait

The devil is like a child, he doesn’t have any real concept of time, and that’s because he can’t control time. So what he does is constantly push us to do things before we are ready or before we should, hoping to jack up our lives – “Let’s live together now, get married later.” “Let’s have sex now and see if we’re compatible to get married later.” “Come on and spend all of your money on something you can’t afford. Run your credit to the max to get what you’re not willing to wait and save for. Get that new outfit now. Get that new car now even though your current car is perfectly fine. Get married now even though you hardly know the person.”

One thing about the devil, he has no staying power. He likes to hit and run! He creates a mess and then he jets, leaving you with the problem. But if you resist him, he will flee. Stop letting him push you into things you’re not ready to commit to. His desire is to make a fool out of you. God is a God of seasons; He’s a God of time and proper preparation. He wants you to have the best, but only in your due season.

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