Ladies, walk like a wife and your husband will find you

This is a very wonderful reminder for all single women. You keep on asking God about your future spouse but tend to forget about developing yourself to be the woman God wants you to be. Perhaps you need to learn to walk like a wife and not like a girlfriend.

A wife is not a presence of a ring. It’s the presence of the character. When you carry yourself like a wife, a husband will find you but if you keep walking like a girlfriend, boys will play with you. Proverbs 31 is the best representation of a wife. Read the passage and learn to reflect it in your life.

While you are still single, spend your time learning about the word of God and grow as His beloved princess. Spend more time with Him and discover your true identity in Him. A woman who knows her identity in the Lord will never be shaken. You are beautiful. God created you to be unique. You deserve a husband but remember to walk like a wife first. Be transformed.

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