Ladies, if he’s NOT pursuing you here is WHY

Ladies, if he’s not pursuing you it simply means he’s not into you…Period! If he’s not pursuing you it’s one, two or maybe three reasons why:

1) He’s not asleep spiritually and he can’t discern who you are or your worth. When God put Adam to sleep in the garden of Eden He did it to pull Eve from his rib. The revelation of Adam being put to sleep is him being in the presence of God. If a man doesn’t fall asleep (Worship and Prayer)  in the presence of God he can’t discern who you are. Even if you’re the one he won’t recognize it because he’s not asleep like Adam was. The moment Adam woke up from his sleep he immediately knew who Eve was…His Wife!

2) He’s entertaining other women because who you are doesn’t resonate with his spirit. Although he may be entertaining you sexually he’s not looking at you for anything long term.

3) He doesn’t desire to mislead you so he keeps his distance. He may only look at you as a sister in Christ for ministry only!

4) He’s simply not interested… move on!

It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are or how good you are in the bed! You can do splits and swing on chandeliers in the bedroom ……but you can’t manipulate a man into choosing you!

Just like Prince Harry….most men know when they meet you within days, weeks or months if they’ll marry you. Trust me….it doesn’t take years!! So relax ladies and stop wasting your time. If he’s not calling, texting or pursuing you in a Godly way it simply means he’s keeping you at a distance. So carry  on and don’t  give it your energy!

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