“I’ve finally found the one!”

Seriously I don’t want to disturb what you currently feel in your spirit regarding your new relationship, but that’s just what it is, a NEW relationship. I love watching this show on TV called “THE AMAZING RACE”. In the beginning ALL of the teams look promising, all of the teams APPEAR to have what it takes to win. But week after week, episode after episode, you start to discover things about each team during the race. While you can’t put a time on how long does it take to know when you have the right one, I can definitely say that IT’S ALWAYS ALL GOOD IN THE BEGINNING when you DON’T KNOW A PERSON. I’ve said it over and over, you cannot judge if this is it when you’re still excited about this NEW PERSON. When the newness has worn off and they get on your last nerves but you love them more than anything, THAT’S WHEN YOU KNOW YOU’VE FINALLY FOUND THE RIGHT ONE. But again, who am I? Don’t listen to me, just save this message and inbox me 6 months from now to tell me I was either right or wrong in what I’m saying to you.

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