Eyes wide opened in 2018

Not too long ago earlier today I watched my 3 year niece play with her new toy and a revelation (of course) came to me. I watched her desperately try to get these two doll babies into this toy car.

It took her over 20 minutes to finally get them both in the car. I watched her put one in and the other would fall out over and over.

There are so many women who are in relationships with a man who has another woman and both of you are fighting to get in “his car” and have his attention. This has been a major struggle for you this year and it’s time to make up your mind that you are not going to live like this any longer.

If you look closely at the picture above, one of the dolls eyes are closed and the one on the “driver’s side” is opened. The one with her eyes closed refuses to see the reality of this situation.

Let’s pray that you’re the doll with their eyes opened going into 2018. The reality is you both can’t ride, let her have him, God’s has better.

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