Down and depressed? keep moving!

Life? I can only imagine. The truth of the matter is i go through this a few times a month as well and there are times when I’m so down and discouraged over my life. But then i get strength from “somewhere” and i realize that even though parts of my life are jacked up that my situation really could be much worse. I then start to think of the power and the ability of God to change ANY situation. I start thinking about what He’s done in the past for me and for others.That gives me the strength that i need that will help lift my spirit. Let me share something with you: I do not like tunnels. You know those tunnels under water  and the Maryland independence tunnel, Ojota Lagos… I’m very uncomfortable when i go through them because i start to think about what could happen… LOL. Also, when I’m in them i am cut off from the light of day.

When you start to feel down, compare that to being in a tunnel. The reality is, in order to get to your destination you HAVE to go THROUGH these tunnels, another route would take you too long to reach your destination. What helps me is that i don’t stop, i don’t mess around in tunnels because I’m so uncomfortable being in them. I’ve discovered that as long as you keep moving you will come out of the tunnel shortly.

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