Don’t give up on having a relationship just yet

I’ve been reading some of my Emails regarding people wanting to give up on having a relationship. This is your life and that is your decision to make if that’s how you truly feel. But deep down if you desire to be in a relationship i encourage you not to give up. God created love between a man and a woman, He must have intended for it to work. You really have to keep that in mind. If He created it, He meant it to work. But lets take a minute to look at our last relationship and see if we totally did it God’s way or do we “augment” what He intended. These questions are not for you to answer in this post, this is just a self assessment. Many times the problem is we don’t do it God’s way and then we get upset when it doesn’t work.

First question: Are you saved? Second question: were you saved? That’s a big one right there because many of us have compromised and then expect for the man to be TD. Jakes after we’ve hooked up with him. The next question: Did you sleep with them? another big question. Many times we play house and it’s fun until real life kicks in and it’s time to pay some real life bills.

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