Am I the only woman who has wondered about this?

I don’t know but I’m kinda feeling, a little Sadden and nothing bad has even happen today.

But i was just thinking, why? Why is it that the guys who are less than what you (more…)

”Season Of Me”

You’re in a different place in your life right now, you’re not really interested in having a man in your life at this time. You’re not against it, but you value this particular season in your life. (more…)

A message to the woman

There is nothing wrong with you, I know in your times of reflection you ask yourself why you can’t get a good man. The man you’re going to get won’t just be some run in the mill man. Quality takes longer!!!! (more…)

Yaay! Introducing Dear Singles

Dear Singles…

Congratulations, you made it to this part of the blog.

I guess you’re wondering, **WHO IS SHE?**




My name is Sandra, author of @dearsingles.

I’m a traveller, adventurer, curiosity seeker, life long learner, change agent and I generally want to make the world a better place. (more…)