Hurt behind the praise

To help cope with the pain of being alone sometimes you don’t listen to songs; you guard yourself by not watching certain things on TV, and skip over FB posts concerning love and affection. (more…)

All Of Me…

Here’s a picture of me and for right now it’s all you really need to see. There is enough here for an initial attraction, because if I show you too much it may be a distraction. (more…)

Am I moving too fast?

It’s barely been a week since you met this charming guy and he is already making your head swell. You’ve got him crowding your Facebook statuses, you’re talking about him on your WhatsApp updates, and his face is the customized profile photo on all the social channels you subscribe to. (more…)

Brother, go to sleep

The reason why some of you as men haven’t found what you really NEED in terms of the right woman is because you haven’t been to sleep yet. (more…)

YÉBÒRÉ, Please do NOT settle!!!


So it didn’t happen for you last year. Things did not go well as planned. You thought you would be married by Christmas, engaged to a charming God sent, or at least be in a committed relationship with a marriage goal. But here you are sweet Yebore, boolessly single. (more…)

Eyes wide opened in 2018

Not too long ago earlier today I watched my 3 year niece play with her new toy and a revelation (of course) came to me. I watched her desperately try to get these two doll babies into this toy car. (more…)

“Meat Sample”

Have you ever gone to the Food Court at the mall and they hold up the meat for you to sample on a toothpick? Well if you make enough trips you no longer want to purchase the meal that they’re offering. (more…)

Stay single until you meet a man like THIS

I always say that it’s better to stay single than to be with someone just for the sake of not being alone. But really, I don’t want to spend my time and energy on a person who doesn’t respect me and doesn’t appreciate me. I don’t want a man who cares more about his favorite football team than me. No, thanks.  (more…)

Let him go!!!

“One of the main reasons why women continue to accept his calls, emails and text messages is because they haven’t truly let go yet! This is one of the most important things I tell women all the time… (more…)