Embrace Space

Space sometimes will give you the much needed perspective you so desperately need concerning this person in your life. Is this relationship real? Is it one i can count on? Is there true friendship and love here? Whatever the case may be, whatever you find out during this much needed space, embrace the space so you can be claritin clear. (more…)

“Lord when? I’m so tired of not having someone in my life!”

You have to understand (and it’s not easy) that it’s not you, it’s the people around you. The world is in a different place right now. People are not looking for quality, they are often looking for quantity. How many they can connect with. They’re often on a treasure hunt like pirates and with all of this going on they often miss someone like you. (more…)

Life saving surgery

You’re seriously thinking about breaking up with them, but you’re not looking forward to deal with all the pains afterwards. It’s like saying yes to a life saving surgery knowing you have to go through 6months to a year of painful therapy as part of the recovery process. Saying yes to the life saving surgery is a no brainer, you have the easy part. You sign the forms and lay unconscious on the operating table while the doctors do all of the work. (more…)

“No! you can’t play outside right now”

Many of you wonder why you’re not in a relationship right now or wonder why many people are not approaching you or begging for your attention. The reality is you’re probably hidden inside under the shadow of the Almighty for a season. Many times when our parents wouldn’t let us play outside it was for a reason. At times we thought it was one of the meanest things they could do to us. (more…)

You’re not done yet!

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. You have to be truthful with yourself in order to really be free. The fact that you partially opened the door means you want them to know you’re upset with them but in your spirit you’re not done yet. When you’re truly done there would be nothing else to talk about and the door would be permanently closed for “drop-byes”. (more…)

Seeing over the fence

Looking back in retrospect, there were so many things you couldn’t see in your past relationship. You spent years oblivious to what was going on right in front of you. That brings me thoughts of when i was young and being in my backyard that had a fence. I couldn’t see over the fence because i wasn’t tall enough but as the years went by and i “grew”, the day came that i was able to see things that were right in front of me all of the time but could not see them. (more…)

“You’ll never find a Love like mine”

I was just reflecting on the words to the Lou Rawls anthem, “You’ll never find a love like mine”. While i absolutely love this song, i started to reflect to the lyrics. The song’s meaning fits well when you’ve given the best love ever to someone who just doesn’t appreciate it. However, on the other side of the coin there are those who think they’re so on point when in all actuality their tired love is a hot mess. (more…)

Abstaining from sex until marriage doesn’t guarantee you a Ring.

Ladies, here’s the hard truth but all single women need to hear this because there are millions of women around the world that’s still single in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond. I want to encourage you all… Many are becoming sad, depressed and discouraged because they are not married yet and their “time clock” is ticking. Some of you are questioning your decision to abstain from s*x because men still are not choosing you.  (more…)

“My Wake Up Call”

My alarm clock started to buzz early this morning and i reached over to attempt to hit the snooze button like i always do, but for some reason this time it didn’t work when i hit the snooze, it kept on buzzing. I really needed the noise to stop so i started touching, feeling, and pressing every button on the clock in an attempt for the noise to stop. It was to no avail, it still kept buzzing. I was desperate now, i flipped it, i shook it, i turned it upside down, and it still kept making noise. (more…)

Letting Go Of Dead Things

After the ship sank, Jack found debris for Rose to get out of the frigid, arctic waters. He tried to get on it as well and discovered that only one person could stay afloat on it. Eventually, Rose discovered that Jack died due to hypothermia, but he remained attached to the floating debris. Nearby lifeboats came back looking for survivors, Rose knew in order to save her life she would have to set herself free from the lifeless Jack. (more…)

The Prescription

When you emotionally attach yourself to someone in terms of trying to have a relationship with a person who is currently hurting from a past relationship you are “pain medication” to them. Pain medication is one of the pharmaceuticals there is. People will pay anything for a prescription to keep them from being in pain and ultimately you will probably end up being used and discarded when the prescription bottle is empty and they can no longer get a prescription refill out of you. (more…)

The anger shield of a woman

She ended a relationship that was so difficult for her to pull away from. She was left with the pain, hurt, and bitterness because of the amount of time, energy, resources, and the giving of (more…)

Tinted Windows

Just like in your car it's time for you to tint some areas of your life so you can look…

Your Ex empty promises

They didn’t marry you, but you gave them everything like you were married. They said they loved you, but they didn’t really show it where it counted. (more…)

They are gone!

The truth of the matter is this person is “gone”, they only come around for intimacy but you’re so tied to them you don’t see this sad reality. (more…)

Sunken Treasure

They only call late at night; they’re not interested in doing anything meaningful with you during the day. You tell folks you have a man, and you say he’s such a treasure, but (more…)

Crown up ladies!!!

Too many women are allowing themselves to be on standby in a man’s life keeping themselves emotionally and sexually attached to him with no commitment. (more…)