Learn how to wait

The devil is like a child, he doesn’t have any real concept of time, and that’s because he can’t control time. So what he does is constantly push us to do things before we are ready or before we should, hoping to jack up our lives – “Let’s live together now, get married later.” “Let’s have sex now and see if we’re (more…)

Remind Your Mate

How can two walk together unless they agree? Two are better than one. If two touch and agree . The enemy knows these scriptures well and he knows the power of what can happen when two come into agreement in anything. Before Adam and Eve could even enjoy their flow as husband and wife he got in the middle of that as soon as he could. (more…)

Your true worth

These thieves one day broke into a jewelry store but instead of stealing things they changed the price tags. Diamond rings that are worth $6,000.00 were switched with $99.00 fake diamond rings. The next day when the store opened people paid thousands for cheap merchandise and little of nothing for expensive merchandise. (more…)

He’s there but he’s NOT there

There’s nothing worse than having a man in your life but not having a man in your life. He’s there but he’s not there. He speaks but he’s not saying anything, in his kind he loves you but you’re not feeling loved. He feels he’s adding to your life but in reality he’s actually subtracting from it. (more…)

Don’t give up on having a relationship just yet

I’ve been reading some of my Emails regarding people wanting to give up on having a relationship. This is your life and that is your decision to make if that’s how you truly feel. But deep down if you desire to be in a relationship i encourage you not to give up. God created love between a man and a woman, He must have intended for it to work. You really have to keep that in mind. (more…)

Weak when it comes to your Ex?

Having a difficult time pulling away? That’s because they are a familiar spirit which is a result of the intimacy you’ve both shared. That’s why God intended intimacy for marriage because it creates such a strong spiritual bond. The bottom line is you absolutely, positively cannot be around that spirit until you’ve been totally set free from the connection. (more…)

Early Relationship Advice

When you first meet someone they’re just getting to know you. They might have an initial attraction for you but it takes time to “care” and it REALLY takes time to love. You don’t have to be deceptive but if at all possible, try to keep your daily problems and woes to a minimum. If your lights are getting ready to be cut off, try to avoid the temptation of mentioning it. If your college tuition is due try to avoid the (more…)

Your way out

One day i was sitting at my desk while on my PC trying to remember the password. I remember making it difficult for the average person to guess but easy for me to remember. This particular day my went blank and i tried and tired and tried. I remember seeing some instructions on Google that said not to panic, calm down, get away from it for a little bit, and it will come back to you. (more…)

In Flux

You’re deeply attached to someone in private but you can’t flow in the open. Their paperwork is not right and your paperwork is not right so your love is in private. You love the Lord and don’t desire to to live a life that is not pleasing to Him but this is the situation that you’re currently in and while you enjoy your private time together you truly hate all of the ducking and dodging, all of the pretending, all of the (more…)

Walking in dignity in the midst of rejection

If they don’t want you, you must walk away. I don’t care how bad it hurts, walk away and don’t ever beg for them to stay. I don’t care if you have to holler, scream and cry in private. Don’t ever let that person know that they have that much control over you, one day they will regret what they’ve done buy you’ll never regret taking back the control of your life. (more…)

You better listen to that man

When a man tells you that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, you better take him at his word. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do “hoping” that he changes his mind. Oh i know the drill, you think if you keep hanging around and treat him like he’s your future husband, he’ll eventually change (more…)

No contact works

See what happens when you let some time go by without any contact? You look up one day and you’re over them! Recommend to others to try it, it works. Now if you have children together that’s a little more difficult but you can still set parameters of separation in order for healing to take place. Remember you heard it here first, R.B.D – Rebuke, Block, Delete… LOL. (more…)

“Scared of being hurt”

You want to be in a new relationship but you’re scared of being hurt, i don’t blame you. When you enter into any relationship whether it be a friendship or romantic one, you’re taking risk. You can’t vouch for another person, you don’t know what another person is going to do from day to day. But finding real love is often worth taking the risk. One thing that might help you is to not have (more…)

“One more time”

Y’all not hearing me! When you meet someone, sex needs to be the last thing on the list. It will not help you when “trying” to build a relationship. It will not help you in “trying’ to access if this person is sane. Why sleep and gratify a stranger and send them on their way and risk getting something you can’t get rid of? Why deal with the rejection “after” you’ve given them “everything” you could give a person, that’s (more…)

Manipulation is NOT Love!

They’re giving you the silent treatment, it’s been tearing you up inside. You keep looking at your phone praying that they’ll text or call you. In the midst of your hurt really think about what you did for them to treat you this way, probably nothing much to really deserve this. This is often a form of manipulation. They’re trying to “train” you like an animal. If you don’t obey, you don’t get fed! (more…)

Hooking up with someone when they’re still hurt from a past relationship

When a person is hurt and they gravitate to you in terms of having a relationship, please understand that this is not the time to connect with them in that way, not right now. During this time they can mean well in terms of wanting to be with you, but right now if they are still emotionally connected with someone else due to a recently divorce or breakup, they don’t really know what they want, no matter what comes (more…)

Prepare for the extra

You owe it to yourself to prepare your heart and mind for new love. It’s time to walk into your new season. I know what you’re going to say. How can i walk when i’ve been broken? How can i love again when i’ve been hurt? Hurt is not the end, it’s the beginning of the healing process. Let’s look at it this way; when a broken bone remodels, it creates a “little extra” at the break point. This process is similar to (more…)

They no longer want you!

This is devastating revelation to accept and deal with it. Rejection hurts beyond words and there’s nothing you can do about it in terms of changing their mind and believe me, you don’t want to try to change their mind. You might be able to “delay” them leaving by submitting to being their personal clown, but your tears of pain during this process will only smear the makeup off your face. (more…)

Beware of the “overuse” and “abuse” of THE SILENT TREATMENT in ANY relationship

People often use it as a method of CONTROL. It’s a very deceitful and manipulative tactic. How it works is the person knows how much you love them, they know that love often puts us in a place of vulnerability concerning them. They know that you almost can’t function at work, church or any other place when your relationship is not in tact. So they totally cut off communication to “TRAIN” you so (more…)