Brother, go to sleep

The reason why some of you as men haven’t found what you really NEED in terms of the right woman is because you haven’t been to sleep yet.

What does that mean? I’m not talking about a physical sleep, I’m talking about a spiritual sleep. God knew that Adam was lonely, but God had to put him to sleep first in order to take something out of him that would help fulfill him.

Your selection must be a spiritual one and it can’t be done in your carnal state and there are some things that God needs to take out of you in order for you to be ready to make a spiritual selection. You’ve been running all around town in your carnal state going from woman to woman, hurting women that you know you have no intentions on being with. It’s time for you to be still so God can put you under spiritually, it’s time for you to be unconscious so God can awaken your spiritual conscious.

And when you wake up, everything about you will be different in the way you treat women and in the way you go about your selection of the one who will stand by your side. Brother, go to sleep…

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