Be ready for God’s advancement

I was at in SHOPRITE late one night and the only checkout available was the self service checkout ( I know you’re surprised about that, lol). The line was so long but i didn’t trip because one thing God has given me over the years is patience when it comes to certain things, so i prepared “my soul” to wait, lol.

A man in one of those riding carts pulled up to me, got out and said, “Hi, if you go to the Electronics Department there’s a person that will check you out and you don’t have to wait.” He got back in the riding cart and drove off. I immediately went to the Electronics department and there was a woman behind the counter waiting to check me out just like the man said, i was immediately taken care of and was able to leave the store bypassing the crowd that was still waiting on the self checkout line in front of the store.

There are some circumstances in our lives that we project how long it’s going to take. We project in 2 more years I’ll be able to leave this level on my job, I’ll have my own business. But God may have another plan, and He will send you to His “Electronics Department” for an early checkout and you won’t have to wait as you originally intended. Be ready for a move of God. Come on and sleep as you’re being advanced into your next season.

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