A message to the broken woman

Beauty on the outside, intelligence, education, and things you have inquired in life doesn’t necessarily mean wholeness on the inside.

This message is not to every woman but to those women who need constant validation from men. This is due to many reasons but one of the main reasons has to do with something that either happened or something that was missing from your childhood.

As a result, you constantly find yourself in the situation where you desire and crave that validation. Let me clarify that it is easy to get a man’s attention, even men who are married or spoken for in relationships.

But the attention that they’re giving you is strictly sexually driven and they will use you until you finally wise up and say “that’s enough”.

Men only look at weak women as SLEEPERS not KEEPERS. Why be with a man who will take everything from you in private but in the open will deny you like Peter denied Jesus when he got around a certain crowd.

It’s time to wake up, deal with these deep rooted issues, seek counselling, and be set free and healed from this mess of a situation you’re in. If you allow God to heal you, he can reach deep down in those dark places, and fill voids you didn’t even know where there, he can take the various pain of the past away.

You must allow God to love you first in order for you to understand what love really is. Your thinking and your way will NEVER work. It’s not healthy, it’s not God’s way, it’s not his will for your life. Seek deliverance, seek help, understand you are NOT whole yet…

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