8-Year-Old Boy Sings Ed Sheeran Song For Ellen But Doesn’t Know He’s Right Behind Him

Some kids are just born with that certain something that makes them stand out from the crowd. And little Kai definitely has the kind of personality that will just win you over.

Kai is an 8-year-old singer who appeared on The Ellen Show more than once to serenade the crowd with pop hits from artists like Katy Perry.

This time Kai ce on the show to give Ellen a handmade Valentine announcing that she was beautiful and that she was his first girlfriend ever. Little did Kai know that Ellen also has a surprise for Kai. It just wasn’t a love letter.

Ellen asked Kai to sing a song and let slip that Ed Sheeran was in the house. Kai explained that he would sing Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” and began to perform and sing the song with such feeling.

He totally gets into it with his facial expressions and hand gestures. It’s absolutely adorable!

The audience and Ellen are absolutely loving. It wasn’t long before Kai’s surprise decided to reveal himself. Midway through Kai’s song, the audience starts to cheer loudly and go wild. That’s because Sheeran crept up from behind to listen to Kai sing his song.

Kai had absolutely no idea that Sheeran was behind him. He probably thought all that applause was for him. Sheeran just watches Kai and laughs a bit. When Kai is all finished Ellen taps the boy on his shoulder and points behind him.

His entire face lights up when he sees that it’s Sheeran that’s behind him and says “Hi!”

You can tell this little tyke is completely star struck. He just keeps saying “Hi” and waves at Sheeran. He has a giant wide grin the entire time and looks so happy.

Before he knows it, Kai is being hit with yet another surprise.

Though his father said it would too expensive to make the trip, Ellen and her partners told Kai that they would be sending his family from Houston to Manchester to see his favorite team, Manchester City, play a game.

He gasps then says, “Thank you so much!” before giving Ellen a great big hug.

You can tell that this sweet boy really means it and was so grateful to Ellen. They bring him out a little gift set and this adorable boy just thanks Ellen and gives her a big hug all over again. “Thank you sooo much!”


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